Aston Martin’s new hyperbike

One of the grandest performance names out of the United Kingdom, Aston Martin has already had one experience in allying with another British legend, Brough Superior, to produce a bespoke superbike that’s worthy of both names. The strategy worked once, so the protagonists are joining forces yet again, this time to unveil the AMB 001, a track-only two-wheeler just introduced at the motorcycle salon in Milan. With a displacement of 997 cubic centimeters, the new bike is directly inspired by Aston Martin’s vaunted Valkyrie AMR Pro hypercar.

This is one super-trick two-wheeler, with production to be limited to 88 units worldwide. The engine, machined from a solid aluminum billet, will produce 225 horsepower, 25 percent better than the previous collaboration between the manufacturers. Downforce is aided by winglets strategically placed on the cycle’s fairings. The bike’s power-to-weight ratio works out to 1.28 kilograms per horsepower, which is basically a Formula 1-wild number.

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