Honda eyes 2023 “bagger”

Also in the news concerning two-wheeled motivation is Honda, and if you can’t find a suitable road bike after perusing the affordable-bike pioneer’s 2023 model lineup, all we can say is that you must have some really unique needs. Honda will offer no less than 11 road bikes of various trims and displacements for 2023. The highlight is this motorcycle, the Rebel 1100T DCT. The alphabetized name means that the Honda “T'” designation is being extended to the Rebel line for 2023, which in turn means that the Rebel line now gains a “bagger” variant, with much-improved capabilities for wind protection and luggage capacity.

The low saddle, angled tank and relatively high handlebars give the be-bagged version of the Rebel an unmistakable cruiser stance. Also on the attribute list is Honda’s in-house DCT, the name bestowed on its advanced Dual Clutch Transmission. A large windshield is standard, as are the bags, which combine for some 35 liters of cargo capacity.

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