Big schedule, including Indy, for SRO Motorsports America

In the world of international racing on road circuits, SRO Motorsports is a major player, especially near its home base in Europe, where it presents events for GTs and touring cars that culminated in its 24-hour race at the historic Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. That was where the group announced a very busy 2023 schedule for its arm on these shores, SRO Motorsports America, which will present seven race weekends next year capped by a new, eight-hour endurance event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in early October.

As the graphic indicates, SRO Motorsports American presents four separate series stateside for both GT and touring cars. We profiled this organization very recently for PRI Magazine, where the organizers discussed their formula of offering well-regulated classes for production-based race cars and drivers who have expressed the goal of moving up to more advanced classes. The categories allow future pros to work out with everything from basic touring sedans all the way up to the much more demanding, and expensive, GT3-type machinery

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