Mercedes-EQ commences in-house EV familiarization

Mercedes-Benz USA is in the process of dividing into separate business units depending on the type of vehicles being created, with Mercedes-EQ being the new moniker for the company’s segment that sells and services electric vehicles. In the firm’s North American manufacturing base of Alabama, a new educational program is just being launched that will help everyone in the chain of command, from dealership staff to corporate executives, to familiarize themselves with the new world of marketing EVs. At Mercedes-Benz, the process is called the Mercedes-EQ Experience, and it provides three days of immersive training on just how the new generations of EVs will be engineered, sold and serviced.

The training days – they’re called, in order, Connect, Charge Up and Electrify – will include both virtual and hands-on training about the EV experience, encompassing, as shown here, real-time education on the linear nature of electric power and the way it transforms vehicle dynamics. Since they’re on the front lines of automotive retailing, the Mercedes-Benz dealer workforce will be set aside for special attention on conveying to buyers why this technological leap is so fundamental to all of us. Team-based competitions will be part of the EV curriculum.

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