Not just for cruising: Pricing, trims revealed for M-B’s AMG-SL

The SL-Class of two-seat roadsters from Mercedes-Benz has swung over the past 70 years or so from the brand’s most exclusive performance roadsters to succeeding generations of open-top cars that succeeded most at letting their monied owners be seen while cruising, generally slowly. At Mercedes-Benz, the pendulum of performance for its open two-seaters – dare we use the Jaguar term? – is about to swing back toward going fast in a very big way, as the firm reveals pricing and equipment levels for the 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL, which is going to be about a lot more than tousling your hair.

The biggest change here, technologically speaking, is that the new performance SL will be the first such roadster from Mercedes-Benz offered with an AMG-massaged 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system. The new AMG-SL also debuts a delightfully interesting multi-link front suspension, with five individual small control arms for improved kinetics, all arranged within the confines of each front wheel’s inner rim, with a similarly organized five-link setup at the rear. Pricing will commence at $137,400 for the AMG SL 55, with the AMG SL 63, the big kahuna here, upping the ante to a base of $178,100. Each model will be offered in Touring and Performance variant, with the level of individual personalization options that you’d expect at this lofty level.

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