A pair of Cobra luminaries will grace Philadelphia Concours

Especially if you follow the Blue Oval – and to a slightly lesser extent, the pentastar of Chrysler – the name and image of Shelby stiffen the spine like few others. The sports cars, pony cars and other cars that bore Carroll Shelby’s brand are some of the famed, and prized, in motoring history. Even the continuation Cobras built in the years since Shelby passed away are still rightfully looked upon with awe. Not many of the people who originally worked with Shelby after he quit driving race cars and founded his car company are still with us, but two of those who are, and own yawning chunks of the Shelby legend, will salute the marque in June at the Philadelphia Concours d’Elegance.

One of them is the guy in this shot by my friend Dave Friedman, the original company photographer at Shelby-American, where the guy in the photo, Peter Brock, was the firm’s first paid employee. Peter has also been an immensely helpful source for us over the years, just as he was for ol’ Shel himself. Besides helping develop the original Cobra, he also created the company’s original brand and then designed the car you see here, the fabled Cobra Daytona, which capture the FIA World GT Championship. The concours weekend is June 24th and 25th, and will also be graced by the presence of Chuck Cantwell, the man who brought Ford and Shelby together to produce the company’s long line of performance Mustangs. The weekend’s concours will take place at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia, which is a must-visit anytime you’re in town.

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