Lexus goes EV with new RZ

The packaging format is an AWD crossover that emits no carbons, and Lexus is putting its own shine on this emerging, popular EV format by announcing the RZ series, the first line of battery EVs Lexus has unveiled. If you’ve forgotten, Lexus is the premium halo brand of Toyota, which has emerged as a world leader of electrification technology since the days of the original Prius, much of it lately in partnership with General Motors. So the least you need to know is that the RZ 450e, as the new model will officially be known, comes from really good bloodlines.

Riding on a 112.2-inch wheelbase, the RZ 450e will make use of BEV-specific drive technology at all four wheels, including what Lexus calls the first use of silicon carbide power semiconductor elements in the power inverter as per emerging Toyota and Lexus practice. Estimated range is 225 miles when shod with 18-inch tires. DIRECT4 axle tech provides all-wheel drive, and steer-by-wire will be available. The RZ 450e is slated to reach Lexus showrooms late this year.

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