BrightDrop, FedEx team to set mark with EV delivery van

If the name BrightDrop is new to you, learn to recognize it, because it’s the newest automotive division of General Motors, tasked with reimagining, its word, the world of local logistics and delivery networks, and especially how vehicles serve them. Originally developing zero-emissions delivery vehicles under its own name, BrightDrop vehicles now go by the Zevo brand. One such rig, a Zevo 600 step van being operated by FedEx, made the Guinness Book of World Records just in time for Earth Day by setting an EV distance mark.

The Zevo 600 set a recognized record for EVs of its vehicle class by completing a 260-mile round trip from New York City to Washington, D.C., and back on a single charge. No word on whether any FedEx packages were in back, but what’s perhaps more relevant is the fact that the Zevo 600 was brought to market more quickly than any vehicle in GM history, electric or otherwise, going from a blank screen to production in just 20 months.

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