Genesis GV70 EV pricing set

Genesis, we’re here to report, is no longer merely the British band that brought Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins to global prominence. Instead, Genesis is the halo brand of Hyundai, building luxury vehicles that have strong overtones of both Asian and German engineering practices. We recently noted that Genesis is getting ready to introduce the third EV in its history, and to that end, pricing has been set for the soon-to-arrive GV70 crossover, which will follow the GV60 electrified SUV and G80 executive sedan into the marketplace.

Genesis is on record as intending to achieve full electrification of its product lineup by 2030. To that end, it has announced that the GV70 will have a base price of $65,850 when it goes on sale. Not only that, but the GV70 will be the first Genesis model assembled outside South Korea, which production moved to the U.S., where Genesis assembly ill take place at Hyundai’s sprawling plant outside Montgomery, Alabama. Genesis has already stated that all of its new vehicles will be all-electric by 2025, with the goal of total carbon neutrality by 2035.

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