CR-V monster ready to roll

You think you know the Honda CR-V. Probably, you know somebody who owns one. It’s an efficient, inoffensive compact SUV that does pretty much everything well with no real downsides. So it’s understandable that they’ve sold in massive numbers, with the CR-V holding down the distinction of being California’s best-selling motor vehicle for a time. Honda is now on the cusp of revealing a CR-V that’s very different, a screaming, sporting track-day beast with a hybrid powertrain that Honda says will thump out at least 800 horsepower.

The Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer project vehicle, as it’s officially known internally, is scheduled for a rollout by the end of this month. The project is a joint effort between Honda Performance Development and Auto Development Center, and designers from North America Auto Design Division of American Honda. Note the huge two-element wing at the rear of the roofline, and the under-body diffuser. This is serious stuff. Stay tuned. Are you paying attention, Subaru WRX STI owners?

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