Mitsubishi marks 40 years

One of the anniversaries that the auto industry will mark in 2023 is the 40th year of Mitsubishi Motors North America as an independent brand, a status it attained after years of having its vehicles serve as captive imports of the company that was then known as Chrysler. The occasion calls for some special editions of Mitsubishi’s current flagship vehicle, the Outlander SUV. The Three Diamonds marque is offering a special edition from a luxury standpoint, plus a new plug-in hybrid variant.

The seven-passenger Outlander will be offered in a 40th Anniversary edition that will be immediately recognizable by its black-and-tan leather interior treatment, which extends to the Outlander’s headliner and roof pillars. It’s the same accommodations offered by the SEL Premium Package, with an accompanying black-and-bronze exterior paint treatment. The 40th Anniversary models, including the PHEV hybrid, will also offer all-wheel drive as standard equipment, with prices starting at a base of $39,995.

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