GM invests in new V-8s

Yes, the latestt $918 million that it plans to spend includes an investment in EV production, largely through foundry work, but General Motors is indeed putting money where its internal-combustion mouth is by earmarking major funds for the development of its forthcoming sixth-generation small-block gasoline V-8. There is, you see, indeed life for powertrains that aren’t fully electrical, even in 2023.

The bulk of the money will go to Flint Engine Operations in Michigan, where the new engines will be assembled along with needed block, cylinder head and crankshaft machining. Flint will also continue to produce GM’s 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel for light-truck applications. Camshaft and connecting rod assembly for the new V-8 will take place at Bay City GPS in Michigan, with Defiance Operations in Ohio handling block casting and other needs, and Rochester Operations in New York tasked with developing intake manifolds and fuel rails. GM does plan an all-electric future but will clearly be relying on ICE power in the interim.

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