F-Series makes history again

At the end of the year, Ford was on track to produce and sell more than 640,000 copies of its F-Series pickups, continuing a sales history that dates back to when the postwar Ford F-1 first went on sale in 1948. The sales figures mean that the F-Series has now been North America’s best-selling light truck for an amazing 46 consecutive years, and the largest-selling vehicle of any kind for 41 straight years, as well. It’s kind of like Roger Penske’s record as a team owner at the Indianapolis 500, unassailable. Here’s another stat for you: Ford calculated that if you took every F-Series truck built in 2022, from the F-150 all the way to the F-550 chassis cab, and lined them from end to end, the line of new trucks would reach all the way from the home base in Dearborn, Michigan, to Los Angeles.

For the record, when you crunch the numbers, that all works out to a new F-Series truck being sold somewhere in North America on the average of one every 49 seconds. There’s another anniversary at work here, too, as 2023 will mark the 75th consecutive year of F-Series production. One of them is the new F-150 Lighting, the muscle truck that now holds down the title of top-selling electric pickup in the United States.

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