Jeep love, coming to Daytona

You can make a strong argument that the coming of the automobile put Daytona Beach, Florida, and environs firmly into the public’s consciousness, going right back to when Ransom Eli Olds and Alexander Winton had their first gentlemanly charge along the hard-packed sand in Ormond Beach more than 100 years ago. From NASCAR to Harley-Davidson, vehicles of all kinds have found a playground in Daytona Beach ever since then, a party that continues right up through today. One element of car enthusiasm that’s indigenous to Daytona is the crowd of Jeep enthusiasts who happily come to town and show off their thoroughly personalized Wranglers and Rubicons. Appropriately, Jeep will be unveiling two new beach-themed models, one of them exclusive to the event, when Jeep Beach 2023 takes place in Daytona Beach from April 20th through 23rd of next year.

The blue vehicle on the left is the Wrangler High Tide, which is making a return to the Jeep model lineup and is just going on sale now, identifiable by its 35-inch BFGoodrich T/A tires mounted on 17-inch, beadlock-capable wheels. Among its notables are a spare-relocation kit with hinge-gate reinforcement, fender extensions and a Sunrider Fliptop roof treatment. Even more exclusive is the other Jeep, the Wrangler Jeep Beach special edition just for the Daytona Beach event, built in a limited edition of 500 units with outside markings and Jeep Beach-embroidered leather seating. The Jeep Beach edition will be available to order in January with a list price of $54,040.

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