Bentley Batur begins testing

With W-12 power, and with all 18 scheduled examples of the ultra-luxury car already snapped up through its reservation process, the Bentley Batur has begun pre-delivery trials across Europe that will consist of 158 different forms of evaluation conducted over 58 weeks. Marketed by Bentley as the most advanced and luxurious GT car in its history, the Batur has already completed more than 100 weeks of powertrain testing, which has resulted in what Bentley says is the most powerful car in its history, with a claimed 729 boosted horsepower on tap.

With a multi-shaded finish based on a shade of Sector Purple that fades to a crystal black, Batur number 0 – that’s “zero,” to use the Associated Press stylebook treatment – was created in the same fashion as the eventual customer cars, with heavy buyer input directed at the coachbuilder Mulliner. Customers will be able to set the style, and finish, of each car individually, resulting in a highly personalized, and highly priced, GT driving experience.

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