Zero to 150K for Mach-E

When the first Ford Mustang was introduced midway through 1964, it took Ford barely 18 months to zoom all the way to 1 million Mustang sales. You can’t help but be reminded of that factoid when contemplating the run that the all-electric Mustang Mach-E, a totally different kind of Mustang, has enjoyed since reaching the marketplace barely two years ago. Ford announced this week that it has produced 150,000 copies of the Mach-E since its 2020 rollout, with the EV now sold in 37 countries, with more markets expected to be announced soon. So much for the naysayers who insisted that an electric Mustang would never gallop.

The Ford image shows employees at Dearborn’s Cuautitlán Stamping and Assembly Plant in Mexico saluting the landmark Mach-E as it rolls off the line this week. Ford is now in the process of scaling up Mach-E production toward an annual goal of 270,000 units, part of Ford;s plan to sell 600,000 EVs annually the end of 2023, a number it expects will grow to 2 million EV units per year by the close of 2026. More than eight in 10 Mach-E buyers in the United States have used to to replace an internal-combustion vehicle, a statistic that grows to more than nine in 10 in Europe. The marketplace vigor of the Mach-E has made Ford the second-largest seller of EVs in the United States.

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