Slow weekend? Go check out some gorgeous classics!

If you’re in the rolling, eastern South this weekend, and you’re looking for something rewarding to do, we’ve got the ticket right here: Point your ride to Chattanooga, Tennessee, right near where Tennessee meets with Alabama and Georgia, and take in the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival, which commences its third annual run on Friday, and runs through Sunday, October 16th. There’s a huge array of goings-on scheduled for the three-day run including RADwood, V8s in the Village, the Concours d’Lemons and various displays by local car clubs. But the big attraction here will be the gathering of truly exclusive historical cars that will be on the show field for your viewing pleasure.

An example of what we mean is shown here, the exotic, dual-cowl 1933 Issota-Fraschini Tipo 8A two-door sports tourer with coachwork by Castagna, to be presented in Chattanooga by Stephen R. Plaster of Lebanon, Missouri. Sold only as a coachwork-ready chassis when new, this Tipo 8A is one of just two built, and was a showcase car at the 1933 Paris Salon de L’Automobile. It’s reported to have appeared in several Hollywood productions, the last known of which came in Giant when James Dean drove it across Texas in 1956.

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