Mitsubishi celebrates its longest-standing U.S. dealership

It’s too bad, because the company builds some thoroughly decent vehicles, that Mitsubishi doesn’t always roll off the tongues of those shopping for import cars, especially from Japan. Which is not to imply that Mitsubishi’s U.S. dealer body, some 330 strong, doesn’t put in yeoman work trying to change that. This week, Mitsubishi took time out to recognize its longest-standing American dealership for both longevity and loyalty.

The guy on the left is Michael Seidle, the second-generation operator of Bill Seidle’s Mitsubishi in Doral, Florida, which has been selling the three-diamonds brand under the same name since September 1982, longest of any U.S. dealer. On the right is Mark Chaffin, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America, which recognized the Seidle milestone this week. After 39 years at the same location, Bill Seidle’s Mitsubishi recent moved into a new showroom complex in Doral, where it will be taking part in a new Mitsubishi sales incentive program aimed at helping buyers who lost vehicles during Hurricane Ian.

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