Toyota Crown returns to the U.S. as a premium luxury hybrid

Those who know the history of Japanese cars on these shores will find this to be an intriguing item. Toyota already has one of the broadest U.S. model arrays of any auto manufacturer, and already has a halo brand in Lexus. But its heritage assigns the Toyota Crown the status of a marque legend, being Toyota’s first mass-produced passenger vehicle when it first debuted in its home market as a 1955 model. It’s been decades, literally, since the Crown last appeared on these shores but as Toyota’s premier luxury executive cars, it’s existed through 15 generation elsewhere. And it’s through being a U.S. oddity.

Toyota is reintroducing the Crown to North America as a 2023 model, as a large sedan with a very high luxury content and as you’ll spot, a higher-than-typical ride height for easier occupant access. The new Crown will be sold in three trim levels, XLE, Limited and Platinum, all offered with electronic on-demand all-wheel drive. The familar Toyota hybrid system is standard, but a new HYBRID MAX powertrain will be offered that will pair a 2.4-liter turbocharged ICE with an electronically powered rear axle assembly that will yield an expected 340 horsepower. Just think, a luxury hybrid with rear-drive balance. Built on Toyota’s GA-K platform, the revived Crown will make its return to the marketplace later this year.

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