GMC reveals Sierra AEV Edition

Boonie busting is popular with those who love their pickups, even the modern interpretation of them, which means a very big-buck vehicle will a lavish interior and scads of standard convenience items. GMC makes just such a full-size pickup in the form of its Sierra 1500 AT4X, which can already be optioned to the very hilt. Undeterred by beckoning brush, or anything else, GMC chose the Overland Expo Pacific Northwest to reveal its latest specialty offering, the 2023 Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV edition, which is aimed squarely at determined off-roaders.

The plan here was to give the premium Jimmy pickup a strong measure of back-country capability while sacrificing none of its copious creature comforts. As you might imagine, some of the upgrades are cosmetic in nature, while others convey clearly that GMC is completely serious about this truck’s ability to play in the dirt. Among the package components are five hardened skidplates stamped from high-tensile boron steel, just the thing to keep the oil pan from being perforated by rocks. Further, and visually primo, is the decision to adopt 18-inch AEV Salta disc wheels with recessed valve stems to guard against flats in the middle of nowhere blamed on rock strikes against the wheel. The whole package goes on sale shortly.

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