Volvo C40 Recharge wins top safety rating in IIHS testing

You may be of a certain age to recall the years when Volvo based its reputation in large part on declarative magazine advertising that plainly explained the cars were safe, boxy, boring and reliable. Volvo’s vehicles and marketing have advanced considerably in the ensuing decades, but occupant protection is still a very big part of Volvo’s message when it comes to selling vehicles. It’s fitting, therefore, that Volvo is once more the beneficiary of an accolade that deals with its ability to keep passengers alive.

The recognition has been directed to one of Volvo’s newest vehicles, the all-electric C40 Recharge, which has won the TSP+ designation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The designation translates to Top Safety Pick – Plus, the highest rating that IIHS bestows in its annual crash testing of new vehicles. Volvo’s publicly stated goal is the total elimination of fatalities in accidents involving its vehicles. Part of the reason for the industry-leading IIHS rating is the safety that Volvo engineers into all its vehicles, not just this one, which include automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, pedestrian, and cyclist detection.

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