Kia discloses ’23 Sportage prices

You can make a strong argument that more than any other vehicle it sells, the Sportage compact SUV is the one that made Kia’s reputation in North America, enjoying its status as the longest-running model range in Kia’s portfolio on this content. The fifth generation of this bite-size SUV is now hitting the showrooms, with new safety features that include intersection monitoring and reverse-collision avoidance technology. The 2023 Sportage will be offered across seven full appointment levels.

The image from Kia shows one such Sportage, the premium X-Pro Prestige, which will start at $36,790 under 2023 Sportage pricing that Kia announced this week. That’s the top of the food chain, because you’ll be able to get into a new Sportage with pricing starting at $25,990 for a base Sportage LX with front drive only. The line then ascends to add AWD plus escalating trim levels EX, X-Line, X-Line Prestige, SX, SX Prestige and two versions of the X-Pro model.

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