Historic race cars eagerly sought for Targa 66 vintage gathering

Brian Redman is a Continental road-circuit icon, his long resume topped by four victories in the 1,000km of Spa, a pair of outright wins at Sebring and a historic run to triumph on the back roads of Sicily in one of the Targa Florio’s final runnings. He’s also a Florida resident and one of vintage racing’s strongest supporters, evidenced by his annual Targa Sixty Six gathering. The latest edition is set for February 11th through 13th at Palm Beach International Raceway in southern Florida, with the social aspect of the gathering set nearby amidst the specialty shops and eateries of Palm Beach Gardens. Each running of the Targa Sixty Six encompasses three supervised track days plus a tony awards dinner at the host hotel.

A whole host of racing icons from the past have served as guest speakers and instructors during the Targa Sixty Six. Vintage race cars, which can be anything from veteran Formula 1 equipment, as above, to an Austin-Healey Sprite with a roll bar and taped-over bugeye headlamps, are loosely grouped by performance and the capabilities of their drivers. Other than that, there are really no limits on speed or passing on the track. Check out the website to get your old crock registered and book lodging from the block of hotel rooms that are already reserved.

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