Acura harkens back to glory by rebooting Integra sport compact

Have you spent a lot of time thinking about Acura lately? No? You’re not alone, and Honda intends to do something to improve the profile of its halo brand, which some people may have believed has vanished entirely. The revival of the NSX supercar essentially came and went. You gotta do something, and Acura’s response has been to plan the reinterpretation of a magical nameplate. Acura is indeed planning to reboot the Integra compact, which first debuted in 1986 to accolades that frequently termed it the world’s most capable, albeit somewhat pricey, Honda Civic.

Like its famous Reagan-era namesake, the 2023 is indeed another hot hatch, with a total of five doors and the first factory-turbocharged engine in Integra history, namely an overhead-cam 1.5-liter unit with Honda’s VTEC variable valve timing. Something that’s becoming a definitely departure in today’s automotive world, a six-speed manual transaxle, will be one of the revived Integra’s offerings. The paint color, Yellow Pearl, is a holdover from the NSX to keep things noticeable. When it debuts next year, the 2023 Integra is expected to begin at around $30,000, continuing its status as Civic derivative with elevated performance cred and accommodations.

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