Volta eyes expansion of manufacturing in Spain

Volta Trucks is based in Sweden is firmly convinced it’s got a solid product in the Volta Zero, the world’s first purpose-built, all-electric truck aimed at making local deliveries in congested urban areas, with a 16-ton load capacity. We noted last year that the Zero was about to start a real-world trial on the streets of London. Volta now operates offices in the United Kingdom and France, and is in the process of a serious expansion of its footprint. Full details will come later, but Volta last week disclosed that’s evaluating a former Nissan manufacturing facility in Barcelona, which is now designated as an element in that city’s Decarbonisation Hub project.

We consider the Volta Zero to be hugely appealing ergonomically for its drivers: Check out the center seating position in the cab, and the positioning of the side-view mirrors. The announcement about the Spanish plant comes as Volta is expanding its cross-Europe introduction of the electric truck. Setting up operations in Spain could provide Volta with a beachhead for emerging EV markets in southern Europe. Along with the Nissan site in Barcelona, Volta is also evaluating sites for manufacturing expansion in the U.K. and elsewhere on the Continent.

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