Mecum schedule grows with Chattanooga Festival sale

I need to make it clear here that I have a relationship with Mecum Auctions, a good one, which at various times has involved me writing about some of their auction offerings, or getting background information on notable cars from Dana Mecum and his staff. Most recently, Dana, in his role as an authority on Miller race cars, provided a game-winning assist on a story for the inaugural issue of Crankshaft on a Miller 122 from the 1920s. So around here, we pay attention to what these guys do. The latest entry on that front comes as Mecum disclosed plans to add a new sale of collector vehicles and memorabilia at the second edition of the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival, set for October 15th through 17th after the 2020 edition was kayoed by the coronavirus. While details of the sale have yet to be worked out, Mecum notes accurately that the host city is within a day’s drive of half the U.S. population. The current framework looks to 600 vehicles being sold over two days.

The other big news on the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival involves the guy on the left of the photo above. It’s Corky Coker, whose real first name is Joseph, and who has been one of the old-car hobby’s most influential figures over the past 50 years. Corky, whose father founded Coker Tires in Chattanooga, has been named grand marshal for the 2021 festival, succeeding the guy on the right, the racing legend from Lancashire, Brian Redman, who did the same duties at the inaugural event. Corky sold the tire company in 2018, but has been active in the administration of The Great Race, the annual rally for historic vehicles. He also operates Honest Charley Speed Shop, also based in Chattanooga, which was one of the first major American retailers of performance gear back in the 1940s.

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