The monster beckons anew

Look, either you liked these things or you wondered what somebody was thinking when they were turned loose on the street. If you served in our armed forces, you get a pass, first for serving our country, and for helping the military-spec Humvee, which is really what this is all about, become a vital tool in coalition military deployments. The Pentagon now specifies that its light scout vehicles, today known as MRAPs, must be hardened against improvised explosive devices. So the Humvee’s missions, both military and civilian, are undergoing some change. The most elemental is that General Motors is getting ready to revive the Hummer brand as a sub-marque of GMC, given that the erstwhile Hummer dealer network – anybody remember the lavish Hummer showroom on Route 17 in Paramus, New Jersey? – no longer exists.

This time around, the Hummer is going to be an all-electric vehicle, so the criticisms that the old civilian Hummer was a hydrocarbon junkie will no longer be operative. We’re right now in the official teaser-ad stage, as the above photo from GMC makes clear, although GM announced this morning that the GMC Hummer, as its being called, will make its official debut at a TBD date this fall with a rollout as a 2021 model. On paper, at least, it looks impressive, with a claimed 1,000 horsepower and a predicted 0-60 time of three seconds flat. We know this much already: The GMC Hummer will take the T-top to a whole new dimension, with a four-panel removable roof apparently standard. Take that, Wrangler and Bronco!

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