A grand prize of a book deal

Formula 1 is back competing live on the global stage, as the rest of the world begins to tiptoe its way out of the coronavirus crisis. And that’s good, because quality automobile racing can salve a lot of wounds. In that spirit, we’ve got a deal for you. Evro Publishing in the United Kingdom has a catalog full of premium titles on global motorsports, which obviously includes F1, which also happens to be marking its 70th anniversary as racing’s pinnacle this season. Part of Evro’s portfolio is a series of books on F1 history from a different standpoint: They’re decade-by-decade retellings of F1’s past, only this story’s projected through the prism of the individual cars that formed the series’ fields. Formula 1 Car By Car is currently up to four volumes. Here’s a look at the one that covers the all-important initial decade of F1.

As the title implies, the book examines each season of F1 during the 1950s. Each season is then further broken down into the year’s performances by individual marques or teams. The internationals icons like Ferrari, Maserati and Mercedes-Benz are here, sure, but so are largely forgotten curiosities like HWM, Connaught and even Rennkollektiv EMW – go ahead, try and translate the name – the latter of which is likely the only team from East Germany to have contested Formula 1. A ton of research went into this literary effort, which also extensively covers the welter of small privateer operations that existed in that era. This book runs to 304 durably bound (which we love) pages, with more than 600 photos. Three additional books in the series cover F1 in the same fashion through 1989. All are the work of Peter Higham, who once managed the huge racing photo archive at what was then LAT Photographic, in addition to editorial stints at respected periodicals including Autosport and Motor Sport. So here’s the deal: Go to the website and you’ll learn that all four titles in the series are on sale to commemorate F1’s post-pandemic revival. Based on current exchange rates, each volume is now priced at $38.67 in U.S. currency, as opposed to the normal $64.44 price per volume. Evro’s also got similar F1 celebratory pricing on designer John Barnard’s biography, The Perfect Car, plus Formula 1: All the Races and Evro’s noted biography of Patrick Tambay. Check them out, literally.

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