Crankshaft Issue 6: A deep dive into automotive heritage

A very few car magazines publish features on Brass Era automobiles, so named for their bright trim, the kind that were produced prior to World War I. Some others will touch on cars from the 1980s, which are just now being recognized for their significance and collectability. Rarely, however, will you find a publication that assigns equal historic weight to cars built 100 years apart, and does so in impressive depth. But this is what you’ll find in the richly produced pages of the award-winning quarterly magazine, Crankshaft, whose sixth issue is just now reaching readers.

You never know what’s going to sprawl across Crankshaft’s premium issues. This quarter’s 144 pages include in-depth examinations of the 1929 Roosevelt, the lower-priced brand of Marmon; a look at the sinuous styling of a French-constructed 1947 Delahaye, a look at personalization of the famed Chevrolet Nomad and a British favorite, the big six-cylinder Austin-Healey of 1964. There’s also a retrospective on the spectacular, short-lived Ontario Motor Speedway in California. There’s enough deep automotive history in each issue to satisfy the most discriminating reader. Sign up, and find out what premium automotive journalism is really all about.

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