Everything to know about Ford’s famed F-Series

Ford’s F-Series of full-size pickups have been the best-selling vehicles in North American continuously, it seems, from about the time that Lindbergh first landed at Le Bourget. The reasons are valid and numerous – as Ford has been telling us for generations, it builds a tough truck. That said, it’s been tough to find a printed volume that discusses the F trucks’ long history, which goes back to 1948, and details the dizzying array of generational changes that Ford engineered into its fabled trucks. Until now. Read on, folks.

Thanks to CarTech Publishing, there’s now, happily, a single source for all things concerning the F-Series across its 14 generations. Ford F-Series Trucks: 1948 to Present takes 168 softcover pages to outline the technical, styling and production changes that have swirled around these world-conquering pickups since the earliest days. The authors are well known for being authoritative when it comes to technical minutiae, and this book doesn’t disappoint, being positively jammed with tabular material that assists the reader in keeping up with the various models and their myriad changes. This book is way overdue, by decades. At $36.95, it’s an affordable and essential addition to any automotive library.

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