Corolla Cross Hybrid bows

With more than 50 million copies sold since it first arrived in 1968, the Toyota Corolla hands-down owns the title of best-selling motor vehicle of all time. Toyota’s managed to achieve it by keeping the Corolla affordable, handsomely equipped and above all, relevant for all these years. One such step has been the recent introduction of the Corolla Cross, a crossover based on the familiar Corolla sedan. For 2023, Toyota has expanded the Corolla lineup still further by introducing the first-ever Corolla Cross Hybrid, powered by the fifth generation of Toyota’s hybrid powertrain.

The Corolla Cross Hybrid will be available across S, SE and XSE trim levels, with Sport packages available across the board. All model grades will receive all-wheel drive with a maximum 196 horsepower and an EPA combined mileage racing of 42 MPG. The new model will be produced at the new Mazda Toyota Manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama.

One thought on “Corolla Cross Hybrid bows

  1. A couple of days ago I saw some pictures of the new Corolla Station Wagon, sold in the European market, the looks gorgeous (well, as gorgeous as a Corolla can be). Unfortunately here in North America, we are stuck with this soulless SUV/crossover crap.


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