Spring means it’s time for the Daytona Turkey Run

NASCAR’s been packed away and the Harleys have rumbled out of town, which means that at Daytona International Speedway, cars of the past will be coming in to jam the historic high banks for just plain fun beginning this weekend as the Daytona Turkey Run, so named for its more familiar Thanksgiving date, returns to the speedway for its 33rd annual springtime car fest, which the organizers are saying will be the biggest yet. What is it? The Turkey Run is a huge show for collector cars, and an accompanying car corral, that takes up a good portion of the speedway’s real estate, and traditionally attracts cool rides from all over the Southeast. It’s taking its place among the United States’ significant car happenings.

In addition to the show and car corral, the Turkey Run boasts nightly cruise events running from Friday through Sunday, a well-popular vendor area, a swap meet and an area dedicated to automotive art and fashion. Celebrities, such as TV personality Dennis Gage this year, commonly make the scene. As the photo helps to demonstrate, this is a huge happening, and a definite must-attend for Daytona Beach visitors who are looking for something a little different than racing and Bike Week. The Turkey Run will be going full bore from Friday through Sunday.

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