Bold heads-up display is coming to new BMWs

Way back when, some automakers, including General Motors, introduced a primitive form of heads-up display by which speed and a few other data details were projected onto the inside of the windshield, like an F-35 projects onto the inside of its canopy. The idea is to keep relevant information clearly visible in the driver’s line of sight. Now, BMW is preparing for the launch of Panoramic Vision, a new-generation system that will project colorized data cleanly upward and across the full width of the windshield as the driver focuses ahead.

Panoramic Vision is just one element of a fully new technical platform that BMW is planning for its forthcoming series of NEUE KLASSE automobiles, the name recalling the modern BMW sedans of the early 1960s that did so much to create the firm’s reputation in the United States and elsewhere. While no introduction date for the new line of cars has been set to date, the firm debuted Panoramic Vision when it recently displayed the BMW i Vision Dee concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show extravaganza in Las Vegas.

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