Factory muscle from Mopar

It remains one of the great stories in motorsport history, the great rise of Super Stock and F/X drag racing beginning in the 1960s, an exercise in full-on factory warfare, especially where Chrysler was concerned. The story of its engineering prowess, and the drivers who took advantage of it, is magical and always merits telling, especially in the concise manner that marks this new volume from CarTech. Mopar Factory Drag Cars 1962-1972 is a little unusual given its subject matter in that it’s written my a motorsport historian from New Zealand, who clearly knows and appreciates his topic.

In 176 softbound pages, author Steve Holmes takes the reader on a year-by-year progression of Chrysler’s famed presence in big-time doorslammer drag racing, tracing the tale from early Max Wedge action in Super Stock to the early Funny Car years, the coming of the Hemi and altered wheelbases, and the dawn of Pro Stock. The notorious tale of how the NHRA scissored away poundage from those early Pro Stocks to help hook an anchor to Mother Mopar is told in full here. The list of Chrysler drag luminaries in the volume runs from the original Ramchargers all the way through the original Motown Missile and then some. You simply can’t have a complete drag racing library without this. Order now, and you get a special introductory price of $29.56.

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