Ram teases an EV future

One of the biggest trade shows extant is CES 2023, the former Consumer Electronics Show, which is now going full bore in Las Vegas. Since motor vehicles have increasingly become electronic playthings, it makes sense that a growing number of new vehicle reveals are now taking place at the show, as well. Here’s an example, as Stellantis picked CES 2023 to unveil its Ram 1500 Revolution concept, the corporation’s take on an all-electric full-size pickup, and a clear indication of how the next generation of Ram truck styling will look when the prototype makes it to production sometime in 2024.

The Revolution is built on Stellantis’ new STLA body-on-frame platform for full-size battery-electric vehicles, will styling cues, including the large saloon-type door openings in the cab, that will be adopted directly via the next generation of full-size Ram trucks. One industry-first feature of the concept is three-row seating inside the cab. The Revolution is capable of adding 100 miles of range in 10 minutes using 800-volt fast charging. The Revolution’s dual electric motors give it all-wheel-drive capability, and all-wheel steering is part of the package.

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