More power, AWD from Toyota for 2023 Prius lineup

Not everybody out there is ready to dive deep into the EV world and for those who aren’t, the hybrid, which combines electric and ICE propulsion, has been an attractive option. By every indication, the hybrid choice is going to be even easier when Toyota introduces the newest edition of the hybrid that started it all, the compact Prius, with deliveries of the 2023 model set to commence next month. Toyota envisions it as a “completely transformed model,” with a much sharper exterior profile, a fully redone interior with 12.3-inch touchscreen, and a full safety suite. But there’s more, because this car is all about alternative power.

The Prius is about to become a much more serious road car, thanks to Toyota engineers. A new-generation hybrid powertrain, based around a larger 2.0-liter ICE powerplant, will give the 2023 Prius up to 196 horsepower – an increase of 60 percent – with upgraded on-demand electronic AWD also available. Toyota is describing the car as the most fuel-efficient Prius ever produced, capable of delivering up to 57 MPG in combined tests for the front-drive LE trim grade. From the all-new Toyota Crown down to the hydrogen fuel cell-motivated Mirai, Toyota will now offer a fleet of 14 alternate-fuel models in various sizes.

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