It’s the ’67, not you-know-what

Believe the copy, not your eyes, because this very trick British EV known simply as the ’67 is most assuredly not a product of the Ford Motor Company, no matter how it looks. Instead, the ’67 is the creation of Charge Cars, based in London, and which despite its retro looks is a smorgasbord of the latest in both vehicle architecture and electrified propulsion. The ’67 is making its debut, fittingly enough, at the ongoing Los Angeles Auto Show, which runs through the end of the month. It’s the ’67’s first public showing after it was first rolled out to selected media last month.

Note that Charge Cars uses a Maltese cross-style emblem in place of the chromed pony you’d ordinarily expect to find at both ends of the car. With production limited to a run of 499 vehicles worldwide, the ’67 utilizes a carbon-fiber body shell with a battery pack underneath the floorboards. Four electric motors give the car AWD with vectoring, plus more than 1,100 claimed lbs.-ft. of torque, enough to wake anyone up. Total peak power comes to 400kW. According to the manufacturer, the ’67 will see 60 MPH in 3.9 seconds, with an operating range estimated at 200 miles.

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