Hyundai meets goal on providing protection in a hot rear seat

Especially in Florida, this is a very big deal: You won’t wait long around here before you encounter a news report about some doofus facing criminal charges because he or she left a child or pet unattended in the sun-blasted interior of a parked car. It’s the kind of stupidity or carelessness that can get somebody killed. Last week, Hyundai marked an oft-overlooked milestone in its own quest to improve occupant safety in its vehicles by meeting its voluntary goal to install rear-seat occupant protection, which it calls Rear Occupant Alert, as standard equipment in the bulk of its U.S. model lineup.

Upon engine shutdown, an ROA-fitted Hyundai kicks out a digital warning at the front of the instrument display warning drivers to check the rear seat before exiting the vehicle. The ROA system is standard across all U.S. Hyundai models except for the NEXO. A more advanced, ultrasonic version of the ROA system is standard equipment in the Santa Fe range and optionally offered across other Hyundai model lines, with the goal of preventing pediatic or veterinary heat stroke for those who ride in back. This deserves positive recognition.

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