Pricing set for M-B EQE sedan

Mercedes-Benz already has an electrified analogue to its vaunted S-Class sedan series with the start of its EQ series of EVs. That universe is about to be expanded by the introduction of the EQE sedan lineup, which essentially puts an electron-fueled powertrain into a package that mimics current E-Class proportions and appointments. Built on the dedicated EVA2 platform for premium electric vehicles, the EQE will be offered in three broad model ranges, with three trim levels available for each, once deliveries to U.S. showrooms commence about a year from now.

Prices are currently set to begin at $74,900 for the base EQE 350+ model. Any such purchase will include the use of a nationwide charging-station network via the Mercedes me Charge system, which will allow for 30-minute fast charging. Among the niceties offered in the EQE line will be a passenger cabin that can be remotely purified using the key fob before the occupants climb aboard.

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