BMW announces $1.7 billion for EV infrastructure investment

BMW has long operated a U.S. production facility outside Spartanburg, South Carolina, an operation that stands to get a lot busier as the U.S. market continues its gradual transition toward electric vehicles. That’s because BMW has announced its intention to invest $1.7 billion in building new generations of electric vehicles in Spartanburg, which will be headed by $1 billion to create an advanced assembly presence at the plant for the first of at least six new EVs that BMW plans to build for U.S. buyers by 2030.

Another element of the EV strategy is earmarking $700 million to build a new high-voltage electric battery assembly facility in Woodruff, South Carolina, which will serve operations at the recast Plant Spartanburg, as BMW refers to it. That plant will be operated by a BMW technology partner, Envision AESC, which will be developing new power sources for the latest generations of BMW’s eDrive, as the electrification campaign is known.

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