Go outdoors with a Porsche

If you remember back to the 1970s, General Motors bestowed an option package on both the Chevrolet Nova and Pontiac Ventura equipped with hatchbacks, which allowed the open hatch to be transformed into a built-in camper by way of a snap-in tent top. It was a decently good idea, both then and now, attracting the attention of Porsche, which usually has a different definition of the lifestyles its products promises. But hey, Porsche is solidly into building SUVs, not just sports cars, so a camping package makes more sense for Stuttgart than most of us might immediately realize.

Porsche Techquipment, the marque’s accessory ancillary, has thus come up with a hardcase folding tent that mounts to the roof of most Porsches in the model lineup, whether the vehicle has roof rails or not. With an integrated polyfoam mattress and three windows, one of them a skylight, the tent is designed for wet-weather use and has interior quilting for insulation. As you can see, it pops into action from the rooftop of most any Porsche model. At just under 5,000 euros, it ain’t cheap, but deliveries are expected to get underway by November.

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