Hispano-Suiza, honest, is back and selling in the United States

Dial the calendar back nearly a century and you’ll learn that the exotic Spanish creations of Hispano-Suiza were at the best on the world’s road circuits, and coddling very rich passengers, in the pre-1930. Like several other glorious nameplates, Hispano-Suiza is undergoing a revival, now owned by the Peralada Group, which makes most of its income now by presenting high-luxury dining and entertainment events. The revived Hisso is part of a company now headed by a descendant of its founder, and made its U.S. debut at The Amelia as the Hispano-Suiza Carmen, a 100-percent electric hypercar.

Making the scene at Monterey was this newest offering, the Hispano-Suiza Carmen Boulogne, of which just 24 examples will be produced, this first Boulogne strikingly finished in a shade of Ocean Song Rose. The firm’s management has called the United States a “strategic market” in the brand’s revival, and plans five more exclusive showings before potential buyers as the year continues.

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