Maserati unveils its ultimate expression of a supercar

Maserati had already offered an extreme, track day-only supercar to its faithful, the Maserati MC20, and it isn’t stopping there. To satisfy those at the pinnacle of all-out performance, the house of the trident has announced a new, even more exclusive screamer for the monied faithful. The name of the car is Project24, and it will be built in an ultra-limited production run of just 62 units for worldwide sale.

Project24 takes the basics, if that’s the right word, of the MC20 and elevates them from there. The process begins with its Nettuno-named V-6, which gets a pair of new turbochargers that will boost the Project24’s output to 740 horsepower. Added to the mix are a new carbon-ceramic braking system, race-only tires and a full suite of internal safety technology mandated by the FIA, the governing body of international motorsport. To repeat, this is a non-road car only, with a projected fighting weight of less than 1,250 kilograms, which works out to 2,755 pounds by our non-metric measure.

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