High-tech seating from Bentley

If you know anything about cars, you’re fully aware that cars from Bentley are very expensive, and ladle on the unalloyed luxury as few other cars do. One of the most recent developments at Bentley is the rollout and fitting of its Bentayga EWB, the long-body version of the Bentayga, which constitutes one of Bentley’s five major product lines today. Befitting a high-luxury sedan of its station, the Bentayga EWB places a special measure of focus on seating for its occupants. To that end, the Bentayga EWB offers what it calls the Airline Seat Specification, which surely is one of the most multi-adjustable and tailored-to-occupant seating in automotive history. It’s amazing this much technology can be packed into a car seat.

Bentley likes to point out that the Airline Seat Specification is all about wellness for the Bentayga EWB’s occupants, and we have a hard time arguing the point. The seating features the world industry’s first-ever automatic climate sensing and advanced postural adjustments. The Airline Seat Specification can continuously adjust occupant heat and humidity at the rate of 0.1 degree Celsius every 25 milliseconds. Each seat has seven defined comfort zones, individually adjustable via console-mounted touchscreen. In terms of posture adjustment, the inflatable system can control 177 specific points of the body grouped among six zones. With a combination of 12 electric motors and three pneumatic valves, each rear seat is adjustable 22 different ways.

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