Big power, all-wheel steering for Bentley Continental GT Mulliner

If you’re shopping for exclusivity, Bentley ought to be on anybody’s primo list. That’s especially true now that Bentley is completing its post-centennial realignment of its model range, which will be topped by the quickest such car yet to come out of Crewe. The Bentley Continental GT Mulliner incorporates the power and handling attributes of the previous GT Speed. Bentley is saying flatly that this new GT mega-car is the swiftest-accelerating, most dynamic and most luxurious offering in the Continental range to date.

The Continental GT Mulliner sits atop the S, Azure and Speed ranges at Bentley. With a handcrafted-in-Crewe 6.0-liter TFSI W-12 engine – that’s three banks of four cylinders apiece – the Continental GT Mulliner is reported to deliver a blast to 60 MPH in just 3.5 seconds, amazing given the bulk of the car. Top speed is rated at 208 MPH. Standard technology incorporates active torque vectoring and all-wheel steering. Personalization is everything inside, with buyers offered a choice of up to eight three-tone interior leather treatments with a selection palette of 88 different wood veneers. That’s luxury.

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