Wildcat EV concept underscores Buick’s swing to all-electric lineup

A significant design study from a major automaker is always noteworthy, but the rollout today of Buick’s new Wildcat EV concept cars also denotes some major changes in the way Buick does business and promotes itself. First, Buick has also disclosed that the Wildcat is a harbinger of its plan to commit to a full portfolio of all-electric models by the end of the decade, removing the historic brand from internal-combustion power permanently. To that end, Buick is teeing up a marketing campaign based around a modern, minimalist version of its fabled tri-shield logo. This is a very big step for Buick and, by extension, General Motors.

The Wildcat EV’s forward-leaning nose and trapezoidal grille are a hint of what future Buick offerings may look like as GM continues to transform the brand. The dramatic concept incorporates semi-swing door assemblies that allow access to its 2+2 bodywork, and blade-type taillamps that offset the slit-like headlamps. Could this be the template for a revived Riviera, we wonder out loud?

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