Motorsport industry has a home at PRI headquarters in Indy

In the introduction to this page, I note that one of my writing clients is Performance Racing Industry, where I’m a regular contributor to PRI Magazine, the monthly journal of the hard racing parts and technology industry. It’s a fascinating and challenging slot, whose assignments allow discussions with industry leaders in North American motorsport. PRI is the racing-based subsidiary of SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association, which was founded in the late 1940s by hot rod pioneers Bob Petersen and Wally Parks and now represents the sprawling North American automotive aftermarket, a $48 billion annual business. PRI is based in Aliso Viejo, California, but a lot of its member businesses do their business in and around the heartland for geographic purposes. Now, they’ve got a PRI home of their very own.

This week, just in time for the Indianapolis 500, PRI cut the ribbon on its new, 42,500-square-foot Membership Headquarters, located on Main Street in Speedway, Indiana, just blocks from the fabled Brickyard and also, the local culinary landmarks known as the Mug N Bun and Charlie Brown’s, two other locations very well known among racing people. Putting down roots in this hallowed locale will give PRI member firms a place to gather, network and relax when they’re doing business in Indy, which can also involve everything from the drags to road racing and short oval racing, all of which now exist in abundance around Indianapolis, home to a host of IndyCar and pro drag teams, among many others. “We’re excited to provide the racing industry with a place to call home,” said Dr. Jamie Meyer, PRI President. “For years, the industry has gathered at the PRI Trade Show to conduct business and celebrate all things motorsports. For the first time, the racing industry has a dedicated place where they can connect all year long.” The new Membership Headquarters will dovetail nicely with the annual PRI Trade Show, which is set for December and also takes place in Indianapolis.

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