Bank of America growing network of electric charging stations

There used to be a time when the only person who walked into a bank looking for a fill-up was John Dillinger, or someone like him. There’s nothing nefarious, to be clear, about this new arrangement we’re discussing here. Bank of America – full disclosure, we’re customers – has entered into an intriguing partnership with Electrify America, which we told you last week is aligning with Lexus to provide quick-recharge capability for its vehicles at Lexus dealerships. It’s got nothing to do with selling cars, but Electrify America has already begun work on doubling the number of fast-charging stations outside Bank of America financial centers by the end of 2023.

At the beginning of this year, Electrify America had installed 172 EV chargers like the one you see above outside 46 different Bank of America locations. That total is now expected to reach more than 350 chargers at more than 90 financial centers by the end of 2023. Bank of America plans to increase the number of charging stations in states where they already exist, including Florida, while adding new locations across an expanded area that will include Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, North Carolina, New York, Oklahoma and Texas. In addition, the bank recently announced plans to finance a fleet of EVs for the Wayne Health Mobile Unit in Detroit.

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