A “strategic” idea on a cool way to make Dad happy in Nebraska

It’s a pity that so many people don’t know about it, but the endless, flat stretches of the American prairie that comprise the state of Nebraska are home to two excellent museums of relevance to us, located within reasonable driving distance of each other via Interstate 80. They’re teaming up to present a unique show of high-performance automotive exhibits and the nation’s flying arsenal against totalitarianism, all in one place, and fittingly taking place over Father’s Day weekend, June 18th and 19th. The location is the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum, located in a gleaming glass-front edifice about halfway between Lincoln and Omaha off I-80, where America’s decades of nuclear deterrence are recognized.

The show’s co-organizer is the Museum of American Speed, established by the late Bill “Speedy” Smith at the business he founded in Lincoln, Speedway Motors, a major retailer of both hardcore racing and hot rod components. Literally anything could show up at the SAC museum, given the fact that the Smith collection numbers more than 600 historic racing engines, about 150 vintage race cars, and countless speed components, some of them one-of-one creations. We guarantee Dad will like this event, and if you happen to miss it, both the participating museums are must visits for anybody motoring across the Cornhusker State.

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