Volvo teams with Boston FD to brainstorm EV rescue techniques

They still drive huge trucks outfitted with pumps and ladders, but a large part of the work firefighters perform on a daily basis has nothing to do with putting out fires. Instead, most fire-rescue organizations in the United States can tell you that physical rescues and medical emergencies now account for the bulk of their calls, frequently involving motor vehicle accidents. Firefighters train constantly on learning the best ways to control fires at crash scenes, and on how to extricate the occupants. As the driving public swings en masse toward adopting electric vehicles, those practices are going to change. That’s where Volvo and the Boston Fire Department come in.

Already decked out with the BFD logo on its front doors, this Volvo XC40 Recharge was donated by Volvo Car USA for use in training on rescue techniques involving battery-equipped EVs like this one. Some of what Volvo does to protect firefighters at work is to enclose the Recharge’s battery pack in an impact-resistant safety cage, while independently sealing and cooling each battery module therein to prevent impact damage and leaks. The guy on the right accepting delivery of the XC40 is aptly named Boston Fire Commissioner Jack Dempsey. The BFD will use the Volvo SUV to develop new training and on-scene safety procedures for the department’s rescue personnel.

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